Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started as an investor with Kronos Investment Partners?

You can get started as an investor with Kronos Investment Partners by scheduling a call on our 'Schedule a Call' page or by clicking any 'Invest Now' or 'Partner With Us' links.

The entire investment process is completed online via the Kronos Investment Partners website. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information, as well as make the necessary acknowledgments electronically.

Do I have to be an "Accredited Investor" to Invest?

Yes and No. Our offerings under Regulation D Rule 506(c) are available to accredited investors only. However, not all of our offerings are limited to just accredited investors.

What is an "Accredited Investor"?

An accredited investor, in the context of a natural person, includes anyone who:

  • earned income that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, OR
  • has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). 

On the income test, the person must satisfy the thresholds for the three years consistently either alone or with a spouse, and cannot, for example, satisfy one year based on individual income and the next two years based on joint income with a spouse. The only exception is if a person is married within this period, in which case the person may satisfy the threshold on the basis of joint income for the years during which the person was married and on the basis of individual income for the other years.In addition, entities such as banks, partnerships, corporations, nonprofits and trusts may be accredited investors. Of the entities that would be considered accredited investors and depending on your circumstances, the following may be relevant to you:

  • any trust, with total assets in excess of $5 million, not formed to specifically purchase the subject securities, whose purchase is directed by a sophisticated person, or
  • any entity in which all of the equity owners are accredited investors.

In this context, a sophisticated person means the person must have, or the company or private fund offering the securities reasonably believes that this person has, sufficient knowledge and experience in financial and business matters to evaluate the merits and risks of the prospective investment.

Can I Invest if I Live in Another State?

Yes. You can invest with Kronos Investment Partners if you live in any United States territory. 

Can You Explain the 80/20 Split?

Once Kronos Investment Partners reaches the 8% preferred return for investors, anything above that threshold that we deliver in the form of cash flow, distributions, refinancing, or at sale, will be 80% to the investors 20% to Kronos Investment Partners. The monthly distributions will be based on the property being able to produce positive cash flow at which we will provide first to the investors.

Why 80/20 split? Going above and beyond for our investors incentivizes Kronos Investment Partners to participate in the profits after investors have been paid their preferred returns.

How Long is the Term of the Fund?

The target hold period is 5-10 years depending on the deal.  However, we will consider selling the property earlier if the numbers make sense for our investors.

Should I Invest with Kronos or Hold Onto My Money in the Bank?

Assuming Kronos Investment Partners delivers our conservative preferred return to investors of 8%,  we will have paid out roughly 66 times the amount the bank distributes which is estimated to be 0.012% annually.

Are There Risks Involved?

All investments involve risk. Any platform in which you invest money, you are putting at risk. However, Kronos Investment Partners does not buy investment property with intention of losing any money. We believe that the properties we purchase are income producing vehicles and that running into those risks are highly unlikely. 

Apartments are the sought after investment product of insurance companies, billionaires, and wealthy individuals who understand the stability and security of multifamily real estate. Here at Kronos Investment Partners, we capitalize on these deals and give you, the investor, those same lucrative investment opportunities with us.